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Recent Phone Reports:

Jun 23 12:52PM

Crazy ex gf. Unless you like drama and lies, delete this number.
Reported by Done

Jun 21 08:08PM

Who is this??? Stop calling me
Reported by Xoxo

Jun 21 07:12PM

Best sushi place in all of NJ!!! I got the nigiri and have not found fresher
Reported by Stacy Ramirez

Jun 21 07:11PM

Us banks direct number for all credit card questions!
Reported by Rob

Jun 21 07:10PM

Crazy person calling and asking for money. Do people have no standards now?!?
Reported by Cindy

Jun 04 06:56PM

Hey this used to be my phone number!!!
Reported by Lucky Me

May 21 09:07AM

Threatened to "fix" my computer when I told him that I did not take unknown calls.
Reported by Dorothy

May 21 07:08AM

Got text from this number .this guy is a scam .he sends you fake checks and cheats you .he gets you to transfer your money to his movers .beware he is a scam and a loser !
Reported by John

May 20 11:36AM

I get a call from this every single day for the last 10 days. They never leave a message.
Reported by Ruben

May 17 06:35PM

It's College Advisers kept asking if I was the one that filled out the form. When I asked who the name is on the form they wouldn't answer me. So I blocked them. Clearly a scam call
Reported by Samuel

May 17 09:38AM

Just got a call from this number at 1142 and answered it said the same thing as the other comment on here. I hung up the phone as my computer is working just fine too. Do Not Answer This Number! Be warned!
Reported by Edward

May 17 09:32AM

Caller from this number attempted to scam a good friend of mine in Louisiana. Said a warrant was out for her arrest and attempted to get payment over the phone. Said he was with "The Delegates Group" in Denver. Beware!!!
Reported by Rachel

May 16 09:25PM

A man with a thick Indian accent who I could tell was reading from a script said he was Austin Hall from the US Treasury and that I was in trouble over a law enforcement issue. He said to hire a lawyer and have them call them back. I was in the grocery store at the time and nearly swallowed my tongue. After a few minut...
Reported by Andrew

May 15 03:22PM

This number 3129128449 left the following spam message on my answering system stating" "Yeah hi this message is intended for xxxxxx. The very second you receive this message I need you audio retained attorney off record to return the call. My name is Simon Morgan calling you probably more the law office hotline to my d...
Reported by William

May 15 08:02AM

I screen my calls. They never leave a message; just keeps on calling back over & over. It's SO annoying. I wish they'd just leave a message already-or take the hint & never call again! *shrugs*
Reported by Linda

May 14 08:03PM

Scammed me out of 2050.56 please investigate. Phony check that bounce
Reported by Thomas

May 14 06:15AM

Caller said he had a delivery scheduled for me and am I hope during the daytime? I suspect this to be a scam Has anyone else received a call from this phone #?
Reported by Venus

May 13 06:33AM

Caller is attempting to reach a Kimberley but has the wrong number. Has called several times. And is now stating that there are criminal charges. They have the wrong number! Why do they keep calling & harassing my voicemail?!
Reported by Lane

May 12 11:26AM

My Brother just called me to say this number had called him and told me to call 888-536-8186 and a case #. I asked why they called him and he said he was a reference of mine which I have never used him as any type of reference. I asked him what company this was and he didn't know. He asked the caller what it was about ...
Reported by Bethany

May 12 10:10AM

caller wanted to verify my social security number and birth of birth
Reported by Mary

May 12 07:40AM

I received the following text "Salon LaFaye is confirming you appointment(s) on Fri. 4/15/2016 starting at 11:15AM. Please reply with a Y/YES to Confirm or a N/NO to Cancel." But the text didn't come through until 12:38 pm.
Reported by David

May 10 08:24AM

This number calls is calling again after two month reprieve . I placed this number on call blocker. April 2016
Reported by Leroy

May 09 06:18PM

This number keeps calling my house.
Reported by Richard

May 09 06:18PM

Called and told me that I was being charged with bank fraud and they were putting a hold on my SS# I hung up on them. They called right back and said I was in big trouble and to get a good lawyer.
Reported by Patricia

May 03 09:14AM

They keep calling very annoying 2808
Reported by Keith

May 02 02:35PM

Keeps calling. I assume it's telemarketing.
Reported by Shana

Apr 27 12:25PM

I get calls from this number 2 to 3 times per week. They never leave a message.
Reported by Daniel

Apr 25 06:00PM

I too get calls almost daily on my cell phone asking about my vehicle & warranty expiration. Most are from the 312 (Chicago) area code but the 7-digit numbers vary. Since I do get legitimate numbers from area code 312 on occasions I have answered. I have told them to remove my number multiple times.... I then ask wh...
Reported by Melody

Apr 21 08:00AM

Reported by Suellen

Apr 18 06:26PM

Receive repeated calls on my cellphone usually one right after the other and usually in the afternoon. No one ever answers. Really annoying.
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